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Welcome to oXYGen Financial! We created our office to help you breathe easier® about your financial future. When you come to our offices, we want it to feel just like home. A place where you can relax, take some stress off your mind, and allow us to make life better by putting your financial future in our capable hands. We aren't stuffy like the big guys, and once you enter the front doors at oXYGen Financial you will know we are different!

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Welcome To oXYGen Financial

Welcome to oXYGen - Even our logo is different. The cloud over our logo is to help you begin to dream about your goals. You'll notice the XYG are pronounced in the logo as we are one of the leaders in helping Generation X and Y - hence the name oXYGen

oXYGen Financial - Office Entrance

Office Entrance -  When you meet our Director Of First Impressions, she won't ask you if just want a coffee or water.  We've stocked our refridgerator right in the front desk with drinks like YooHoo, Tab, Fresca, Sunkist, and many more favorites so you can choose whatever you like.

oXYGen Financial - The Lobby Experience

Lobby View - Our lobby is wide and spacious and isn't filled with that cherrywood furniture, marble floors, CNBC going, and a picture of a bull and a bear. We know how to do financial planning and money management. Instead, we put every effort into making you feel like this is home.

oXYGen Financial - The Lobby Experience oXYGen Financial - The Lobby Experience oXYGen Financial - The Lobby Experience oXYGen Financial - The Lobby Experience
oXYGen Financial - Check E-Mail or Surf The Net

Check E-Mail or Surf The Net -  You can pull up Wi-Fi in our lobby or simply use our beautiful internet station to check your e-mail, pull up your financial accounts, or simply catch up on latest news of the day.

oXYGen Financial - Office Entrance

The oXYGen Bar - OK . . . What would a company called oXYGen be like without having our own oXYGen Bar. This isn't Vegas and you don't have to pay a penny to hook up.  We have 8 different scents when we turn on the oXYGen machine, and this could be a great way to unload some stress at the end of the day or during lunch time!  It could be one of the coolest things you ever try!

oXYGen Financial - Office Entrance oXYGen Financial - The oXYGen Bar
oXYGen Financial - Play some Wii

Play some Wii -  If you have kids (or you are just a kid) and you want to get in a quick game of Tiger Woods golf, bowling, or Super Mario carts, we have it all.  It is a great way to keep your kids busy during your appointment or have some fun before you meet your Private CFO®.  If you are a NetFlix fan, we can even have a movie dialed up on the big screen.

oXYGen Financial - Watch TV / Movies
oXYGen Financial - Read The News About oXYGen Financial

Read The News -  In just a few short years, oXYGen Financial has been quoted in over 20 different major publications including "The Wall Street Journal," "The Atlanta Journal Constitution," and "Smart Money Magazine."   Check out the latest articles, quotes, and news on oXYGen Financial.

oXYGen Financial - Relax and Read A Magazine

Relax and Read a magazine - Our magazine selection doesn't have Fortune and Business Week, but instead we have Wired, ESPN, and even Mad Magazine (for those who can remember).

oXYGen Financial - Just Like Home

Just Like Home - At the end of the day if you want to hire a financial services company or work for one, what kind of company do you want to deal with in the future? A company who treats you as a name and number by how big your account size is with them, or a company that gets that you need some balance in life and truly knows how to help you breathe easier® about your financial future? If you are interested in learning more about becoming a client or getting information on how to join oXYGen Financial, simply click the links below to start the journey!

Thanks for taking a tour of our dream . . . oXYGen Financial!

Ted Jenkin & Kile Lewis
co-CEO and Founders oXYGen Financial

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