Transitioning your Clients

Transitioning your book of business to a new firm can be strenuous - WE recognize this! oXYGen Financial understands this is not an event, but a process that must be managed through effective two way communication. From the beginning you will be assigned a transition specialist, this person will assist in working with you and your staff to ease the burden of transition and make the process more timely and efficient.

The Transition Specialist may assist in the following:

  • Householding of client's paperwork
  • U4 and Insurance licensing transfers
  • Tracking the transfer of assets
  • Systems and procedures training
  • Education of the Broker Protocol.

  • Beyond the transferring of accounts there are new systems to learn, whether those be trading software, client relationship models, or learning the role of a Private CFO®, all require time. Let us help!

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