The term financial advisor is so passé. Today, you have become the CEO of your family finances. What does every good CEO need by their side . . . a CFO. oXYGen Financial has truly innovated the financial advisor model by creating a new role called The Private CFO®. Here are the three roles we play in your life.


Controller Role

  • Manage the balance sheet (net worth)
  • Help maximize your family profit and loss
  • Create a family budget, shop bills
  • Help minimize federal and state taxation

Treasurer Role

  • Install investment management plan
  • Review all insurance plans for the family
  • Determine best benefit choices at your company
  • Create smartest overall debt structure      

Strategist Role

  • Install CEO personal online financial dashboard
  • Decide company goals, objectives, & benchmarks
  • oXYGen GPS™ management system
  • Forecasting and tracking  


In our model created over eight years ago, you can use one of our Private CFO®’s for financial planning and advice for free.  You can also choose to use our personal financial dashboard technology services for a monthly fee. We can handle simple questions about budgeting, refinancing, or buying a new car. We can solve complex tax management and investment problems. We can give you the very best advice for your family because we don’t represent any product companies. . .we represent only YOU. So, isn’t it time you started to breathe easier® about life and learned more about what an oXYGen Financial Private CFO® can do for you.

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