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oXYGen Financial has really developed the concept of a modern day local family financial planning and advice office.  A place where you can get your investments, insurance, taxes, and much more done in one place, instead of having to make five different trips to various offices to get your financial business done. We know how important time is today and how many companies have forgotten what client service really means. We have pioneered the concept of a Private CFO™. A person that knows you are the CEO of your family finances, and makes all advisory decisions based upon doing what is best for your business or household.  We are independently owned and passionately committed to helping each client address their dreams and goals. Since we don’t work for any product companies or manufacture any products, we can be certain to shop the market place for what is best for your financial situation.  Each client has access to their own personal online financial dashboard so they can see one clear financial picture of themselves by using only one user name and one password. 

Don’t Settle for Less than oXYGen Financial

You would never settle for a cell phone that only lets you talk or a job that just pays the bills.  Then why settle for a company that is limited in what they can do for you? DON’T! Let oXYGen Financial help you breathe easier® today by being your Private CFO®.

· You need someone you can depend on to help you with financial decisions no matter how large or small. When was the last time you had someone shop your bills or review everything you have built over the last 15 or 20 years?

· The best investment decisions balance your family’s financial goals, tax situation, liquidity needs, and comfort with risk. Why go to a company who manufactures products or collects wholesaling money to give certain products better shelf space?

· Values play an enormous role in building a financial plan.  Today you don’t just need a plan.  You need a plan with a personal GPS system.

· Your financial services company should include life services that enable you to Breathe Easier® to more fully enjoy your personal passions and work-life balance.

Since we are truly built as a relationship company, we believe in having an ongoing process with every individual, family, or business owner we work with at oXYGen Financial.    This is why oXYGen Financial is your today’s modern family financial planning and advice office.

We work with business owners of both small and medium sized businesses as well as individual households.  Since we don’t believe in minimums, what you need to get started is your own passion to achieve financial independence, purpose, and freedom.  

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Ted Jenkin


Ted Jenkin - Co CEO of oXYGen Financial

Ted left corporate America to follow his passion, and change the future of the financial services industry. With many of the major financial services firms focusing strictly on the baby boomer generation, Ted saw a need to build a firm that would cater to the personal financial advice needs of Generation X and Generation Y clients. Helping clients breathe easier® about their financial future with a balance of a high touch and high tech relationship drives Ted's passion to make oXYGen Financial the leader for the generations to come that need financial advice.

Ted is originally from New Jersey, and currently resides in Milton, Georgia. Ted graduated from Boston College with a degree in Finance. Ted joined American Express Financial Advisors in 1991, and was promoted to district manager in 1994. He became one of the youngest Vice Presidents in 1997, developing the number one ranked office at American Express in Baltimore, and then became one of the youngest Group Vice Presidents in the history of American Express in 2000. He has won numerous awards including the outstanding leader of the year award in 2003 and 2004. He has been featured in many publications including "The Wall Street Journal," "Smart Money Magazine," and "Business Week."

Ted is committed to continuous education. He currently has all six designations with the college for financial planning including the Certified Financial Planner® practitioner, Accredited Wealth Manager AdvisorSM, Accredited Asset Management Specialist®, and Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor®. Ted is featured on the popular segment, "Your Smart Money Moves" on Rock 100.5 FM The Regular Guys, as well as Mayhem In The A.M. on 790The Zone Sports Radio.

You can also visit the Your Smart Money Moves blog to catch all of his financial articles and money saving tips.

Ted and his wife, Genna, have three children, Olivia, Lyla, and Louden.

Contact Ted: tjenkin@oxygenfinancial.net 678.551.7943

Kile Lewis


Kile LewisKile co-founded oXYGen Financial in answer to increasing requests from successful young people — Generation X and Generation Y investors, families, and entrepreneurs — for financial planning and advice matched to their unique needs. oXYGen Financial is a financial and lifestyle management company that understands that life isn’t about income statements and balance sheets. Kile is no stranger to the Financial Services Industry, having spent the last 15 years as both an Executive and Advisor for the 3rd largest broker dealer in the country. He amassed tremendous competencies in leadership and financial planning during the duration of his tenure in both of those roles. After earning his Bachelor of Arts degree from Georgia State University in 1994, Kile joined then, American Express Financial Advisors in Dallas, Texas. He quickly rose through the ranks of his advisor peers and was promoted to his first leadership position in 1997. Promoted to Field Vice President in 2002, he led one of the top offices for Ameriprise the years 2003 through 2006 and was awarded the Ameriprise Outstanding Leader Award in 2006. Through his eleven plus years of leadership, Kile has personally hired and developed hundreds of advisors and leaders. Listen to 100.5 FM The Regular Guys during the 8 o’clock hour every Tuesday morning for “Your Smart Money Moves!” live as he shares financial tips on how you can save money and help you Breathe Easier® about your financial future.

Contact Kile: kile@oxygenfinancial.net 678-551-7944