oXYGen Financial: Breathe Easier® About Life

What’s The Scoop About oXYGen Financial?

Guitar Hero is to a financial services firm what a treasure chest full of toys is to a dentist’s chair: it doesn’t change the office operation, but at least it makes you quit yer snivelin'. Face it, kids: we all have to do our financial planning and our income taxes unless we want to get cavities. No, wait. That’s not it. We all have to do taxes lest we end up like Wesley Snipes! Today, you are the CEO of your family finances and you need to begin to run your household like a business. What is the first thing a smart CEO would do? They would hire a CFO to help them make the best financial decisions possible. Thus, oXYGen Financial created the Private CFO® role to help you run your family finances like a business. We know time is your most important commodity. At oXYGen Financial, we save you time by being able to coordinate your financial advice, investments, insurance, tax preparation, legal services, and much more all at the same time. Whether you are an individual or a business owner, come learn more about how we help clients breathe easier® about life with our high tech and high touch approach . . . and it will feel a lot less like having teeth pulled. Take a spin today . . .(CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE)

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