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What Is A Budgetologist®


There is an old adage that “cash is king” and that means managing the cash flow in your family finances is the blood that keeps it pumping.  Over the next 15 to 20 years as we move closer and closer to a cashless society, we are going to find out that cash flow management is equally as important as asset management to the overall success of your financial plan.


When you get your hair done, you see a cosmetologist.  When you want a finely curated cocktail, you ask a mixologist. When it’s time to learn how to manage the cash flow of your family successfully, then it’s time to see a budgetologist™.  We created and invented this role in a new category we call budgetology™, which is the science of managing your day to day cash flow.  Businesses have been very successful at managing profit and loss statements over the years by creating a finely tuned process to assess and reassess the cash flow of the company.

>With our revolutionary 21 day budget cleanse®, personal financial dashboard, and comprehensive family cash flow planning, we can help you transform your family finances and create a plan to help you manage your paycheck better.

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